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Get Rid of Fruit Flies Forever


Fruit Flies are such a nuisance!
And they seem to multiply right before your eyes.

Fruit flies make their strongest appearance during the summer months...when fruit and veggies are abundant.

And that's what makes them even more annoying. Here we are trying to eat fresh, organic, locally-grown produce...and fruit flies are swarming all over the house.


But getting rid of them is so simple, you won't believe it. And not only simple, but cheap and non-toxic too!

What You'll Need:

  • an empty container (mason jars work great, it just needs to have a fairly wide mouth)
  • parchment paper (or wax paper, plastic wrap, butcher paper, etc)
  • raw apple cider vinegar (I always have a bottle of Braggs on hand)
  • liquid dish soap (any kind will work)

Step 1:

The first step is to cut the parchment paper down to size. Simply lay the square on top of your container and put the lid on top.  Remove the lid and you'll have your template. Leave a border 1-inch larger than the opening of the container, so it doesn't fall in.  [If you aren't using a mason jar, instead of the container's original lid, just use a rubber band to keep the paper or plastic wrap on.]

Step 2:

Next, use a hole punch or scissors to cut pencil eraser sized holes in the parchment paper.

Step 3:

Finally, pour in some raw apple cider vinegar. You don't need to fill the container - just make sure it's an inch or two deep. Then, put in 4-5 drops of liquid dish soap; stir or swirl to combine. Put the parchment paper and the lid back on top. Place the container wherever the fruit flies seem to be congregating. Sometimes, turning the lights off and putting the container under a lamp (or the stove light) can help.

By the time you wake up in the morning, you should be completely rid of your fruit fly problem!

Have you ever tried this method, or have you tried something else that has worked well?


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