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I love nothing more than sharing!

We learn it & practice it readily as children, but then we tend to lose that ability bit by bit as we get older. In cyberspace, though, bloggers and pinners and tweeters are SHARING EXPERTS!

That's why I'm so excited to join the conversation and put in my own two cents. I have spent the last several years dedicated to the pursuit of truth: truth in labeling, truth in advertising, truth in diagnoses, etc. I've learned so much more than I ever expected.

The more I research, the more our problems & their solutions keep becoming clearer & clearer to now I'd like to share some of those solutions with you!

  The goal of YOWZAlicious is:
  • To stop the proliferation of GMOs in our food supply.
  • To encourage everyone to buy ORGANIC products.
  • To help people eliminate processed sugar from their diets.
  • To provide tips & tricks for living more naturally & sustainably.
  • To advocate on behalf of our ONE world.

Thank you for visiting - check back often!

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