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Why (and how) I Stopped Using Conditioner

If you've read any of my previous posts, then you already know about my love affair with Bragg's Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Well, that miraculous product just keeps getting more and more wonderful as the days go by. I keep finding new uses for it! I would buy stock in the company, except that I don't believe they're publicly traded.

For years, I have seen people talk about the "No Poo" method of cleansing hair. If you haven't heard of it, basically you cleanse your hair using a baking soda and water paste. Then you rinse using ACV and water.

Some people seem to have great success with it, but it never made much sense to me....

Macadamia Nut Cherry Truffles

(recipe at the end of this post)
I used to have the worst sweet-tooth of anyone imaginable. No, really. No, you don't understand. I'm TELLING YOU, you don't get it!!!

Well, actually, you probably do.

Why? Because almost everyone has a sweet-tooth!

Yes, I know that a lot of men tend to lean towards salty or savory more than sweet. And even some women (really?) don't have a taste for the sugary stuff.

But still, it's pretty darn common.

However, it's really not good for our health. At some point, hopefully sooner than later, we have to accept that eating processed sugar is one of the worst things we can do to our bodies ... other than smoking.

I finally realized this (much later than I would have wished) and subsequently put myself through what I like to call:
"Sugar Rehab".

How To Make Tipping Less Awkward

In the USA, the practice of tipping is everywhere.
In most other countries, not so much.

PS: why do we always have to be so different (ummm, can anyone say metric vs imperial measurements)?!?

A lot of the time, tipping can feel really awkward! How much is enough? How much is too much? When should I give it to them? Should I be discreet or open about it?

Well, I devised a system so you (and I) don't have to stress out about it anymore!  You're welcome =)

Eliminate Annoying Junk Mail

"Each year, more than 100 million trees’ worth of bulk mail arrive in American mailboxes—that’s the equivalent of deforesting the entire Rocky Mountain National Park every four months. The production and disposal of direct mail consumes more energy than 3 million cars."

Not only is junk mail utterly wasteful...
It's also utterly annoying!

But there IS a way to drastically reduce it.

Why (and how) I Never Wash My Face

Whenever I tell people that I don't wash my face, I usually get either an "ewwwww!" or "gross!" or some other exclamation of shock, disgust, or amazement.

But shortly after that, they'll say something like, "But your skin looks so healthy?!?"


Get Rid of Fruit Flies Forever


Fruit Flies are such a nuisance!
And they seem to multiply right before your eyes.

Fruit flies make their strongest appearance during the summer months...when fruit and veggies are abundant.

And that's what makes them even more annoying. Here we are trying to eat fresh, organic, locally-grown produce...and fruit flies are swarming all over the house.


But getting rid of them is so simple, you won't believe it. And not only simple, but cheap and non-toxic too!

Prep Once for a WEEK of Green Smoothies

Do you ever wake up on Monday morning, rushed and frantic, in a mad dash to figure out what you're going to eat for breakfast?

Yeah.  I get it.

But that all changed when I started drinking Green Smoothies!